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Mars Travel - A New Company Seeking to Revolutionize the Commercial Space Industry

Like many space enthusiasts I despaired every time I heard another space project was cancelled or postponed due to funding issues. But what could I do? Even simple space projects and missions cost millions, if not billions of dollars. Most people don't have that kind of money lying around (no really?!), and I definitely don't.

Does that make us helpless? Should we have to accept that space is only the domain of the government or super rich? Can average people actually make an impact on this multi-billion dollar industry? Most people will say no, that such a thing is impossible, but are they right? 

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That is the question I struggled with for a long time because like millions of other people, space fascinates me and I hate seeing it relegated to the back burner as if it isn't important to humanity. I decided I was going to do something about it, so I created Mars Travel, a company dedicated to connecting space projects and missions with corporate sponsors. {Learn More About Mars Travel} The company is just starting out, but soon I hope to begin linking space projects with funding from corporate sponsors. To do this I will need your help, but first let me explain why this will work.

Establishing a steady flow of corporate sponsors for private space projects and missions is essential to advancing the space industry because it allows for consistent funding. Corporations have always sought out new forms of publicity, and space projects and missions provide the perfect avenue to reach millions, if not billions of people.

If a company sponsors a mission and gets their logo on the spacecraft used, then every image associated with that mission will carry their logo. A company could even have the mission or spacecraft named after them, thus any mention of the mission brings them publicity.

Private space companies have yet to capitalize on this untapped corporate funding, which would allow them to create their own agendas and not be limited by what the government is willing or financially able to do. I'm sure someone reading this will tell me why they think this is a bad idea, but can anyone argue that consistent funding wouldn't be beneficial for humanity's development and advancement in space?

In order for Mars Travel to be successful in connecting space projects with corporate sponsors I need your help. I need you to spread the word that a new company is going to revolutionize the space industry, not by inventing anything, but by building bridges between private space projects and corporations seeking publicity. I need you to spread the word about Mars Travel's plans. You can do this with minimal effort by liking this post and Mars Travel on Facebook, tweeting about Mars Travel, linking to it on your own site, or pressing +1 on this post.

If you want to help out a little more you can ask people in PR departments of different about this idea and see what they think. Just suggesting the idea of corporations sponsoring private space projects could result in the idea being implemented.

If you want to help out more, but don't have a lot of time, feel free to contribute to a space project and help Mars Travel sponsor a mission using individual contributions.

If you to the Mars Travel blog you can be kept up to date with everything going on and you will also receive receive our Mars Photo of the Day! and other articles about current events in space. If you have any questions please use the email below to contact Mars Travel.

The more people aware of what Mars Travel is seeking to accomplish, the greater success the company will have at connecting space projects with sponsors. This isn't about one company; this is about the future of space exploration. I hope you will support Mars Travel's attempts to revolutionize the space industry in any way you can and I thank you in advance.

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