Google+ Mars Travel: Mars Photo of the Day - Feb 20 2012

Mars Photo of the Day - Feb 20 2012

Today's Image of Mars comes from HiRISE and shows a potential landing site for a future missions to Mars in Holden Crater. Holden Crater is a 140km wide crater located in the southern highlands. It is believed that Uzboi Valles fed into Holden Crater and created a massive lake.

Currently, potential landing sites require at least a 12 mile wide circle of smooth, flat terrain so that the spacecraft can lend safely even within a margin of error.

Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter determined that Holden Crater contains numerous sediments and clays that could only have formed in the presence of water. The crater also has some of the best exposed lake deposits scientists have ever seen, making it a prime candidate for future missions to Mars.

Holden Crater made it into the top four candidate landing sites for Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity, but was ultimately beaten out by Gale Crater. We can be sure that Holden Crater will remain among the top candidates for future missions to Mars!

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