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Mars One: Marketing Manned Missions to Mars

Mars One intends to establish the first human settlement on Mars by 2023. 

With support from distinguished individuals like Physics Nobel Prize Laureate Gerard 't Hooft and best selling author Mary Roach, Mars One publicly announced their intentions on May 31 2012.

The process began in 2011 when Mars One worked on the mission in secret, contacting suppliers to determine feasibility and willingness. In 2013 some applicants will begin a broadcasted training and selection process. In 2014 the preparation will begin for a 2016 supply mission and communications satellite. In 2018 a rover will land on Mars in the desired settlement site. In 2021 all essential supplies and life support will have landed at the site. The rovers will begin preparing the site for human arrival. On September 14 2022 the first four settlers will launch to Mars, landing in 2023. Follow up groups will land every two years. Each settler will remain on Mars for the rest of their lives.

Mars One must be taken seriously because their marketing strategy has no precedent, and when led competently it cannot fail. But what is their strategy exactly?

Mars One will make manned missions to Mars dramatic and interactive. They will do this by making it the biggest media event ever created. As the Mars One website says, "A manned mission to Mars is one of the most exciting, inspiring and ambitious adventures that mankind can take on." What if you could follow the entire selection and training process and build connections to individual settlers, just like you do in a reality show? Mars One will let you do just that, except these people will be in the history books forever. Not only do you get to watch the whole process, but there will even be points where the public can choose what happens next.

Imagine this: As the first manned mission to Mars comes in for a landing you get to vote on who will be the first human to walk on another planet. That's right, you can provide input on the biggest leap mankind has ever made.

You will have built connections to the settlers as you provided input on their selection and watched them go through astronaut training, so it won't just be them going to Mars; you, and the whole world, will be going too!

How amazing would that be? All of humanity could take part in Mankind's greatest adventure!

Mars One promises to turn manned missions to Mars into something the whole world can get involved in and excited about. It will be an international phenomena. 

Sponsors will provide material and funds to Mars One in return for publicity, either in the form of commercials or product placement. This will be a worldwide media sensation the likes of which have never been seen before, and corporations will be tripping over themselves to get a piece of the action. 

The greatest scientists and space companies will be drawn to Mars One because it provides an opportunity to be part of making history.

Mars One is not unprecedented because they plan to land men on Mars, they are unprecedented because of their strategy for acquiring funds and support. Their marketing plan ensures that they will receive enough money, talent, and interest to accomplish their mission of establishing a human settlement on Mars.


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