Google+ Mars Travel: Beware of False Phobos-Grunt Reentry Information

Beware of False Phobos-Grunt Reentry Information

Reporting on the Russian Phobos-Grunt mission has been checkered with inaccuracies. Please ensure that when you hear or read something about its upcoming reentry you check the source.

Note that it is impossible to determine where Phobos-Grunt will land until just minutes before it does so. Anyone that claims to know where it will land either misinterpreted something or is lying.

In the coming weeks there are bound to many over-hyped reports about the toxic material aboard the failed probe. Do not listen to the fear-mongering headlines, but make sure to pay attention to he sources in the news stories.

I will do my best to tweet the latest news about Phobos-Grunt, so if you want updated information on its reentry  


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