Google+ Mars Travel: Mars Photo of the Day - Sept 10 2011

Mars Photo of the Day - Sept 10 2011

Today's Mars Photo will take us back to Sol 2347 of Mars Exploration Opportunity's time exploring Mars. This image is largely symbolic of Opportunity's overall experience on Mars. There have been many ups and down along the way, but the Mars Rover has stayed the course and continued doing science no matter the obstacles arrayed against it. We have learned more from Opportunity then anyone could have hoped. That little rover affectionately called Oppy, has continued to push the boundaries of human knowledge and exploration, even when most of humanity seems content staying on this little rock we called Earth.
The road behind us is full of hills and valleys and the road ahead promises more of the same, but if we stay the course and keep going no matter the impediments arrayed against us we will become stronger and wiser for it.
This image is larger even than the original, so clicking on the image will instead take you to a blog that has been dedicated to Oppy's Road To Endeavour for years. 


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