Google+ Mars Travel: The Importance of Getting Celebrities to Support the Space Industry

The Importance of Getting Celebrities to Support the Space Industry

A lot of people don't understand why increasing celebrity support of the space industry is so important. I've been hearing things like, "People have their own minds, no one is going to support something just because a celebrity does," or "no one cares what celebrities think." This article will address the misgivings I've heard about the Mars Stars initiative to increase celebrity support of the space industry.

Many celebrities command authority in various areas, or are associated with various groups. For example, George Clooney is associated with humanitarian work in Darfur and commands the respect of humanitarians worldwide. If he were to throw support behind the space industry he could convince other humanitarians that space research would create spinoffs that will actually help them in future humanitarian missions.

The space industry would benefit from celebrities representing numerous areas and industries because they could show their fans how important space research and exploration has been to that industry. For example, Beyonce could tell her fans that the baby formula Blue Ivy and most other babies in the world use was derived from NASA research into algae as a recycling agent for long duration space missions.

If celebrities show fans how each of their lives are affected by products derived from space technology that would help people to understand the benefits of space research and exploration. One of the primary reasons why people don't actively support the space industry is because they don't understand how much it benefits them. They don't understand that technology created for space missions will have a huge impact on everyone's lives for years to come.

The important thing to remember is that celebrities are the medium. They are a means of getting a message out to the public. Celebrities have the ability to reach millions of people instantaneously, and whether you like it or not they are influential.

For this initiative just remember the following:

A celebrity is like a TV show and the space industry is the commercial that airs during that TV show. Some shows will have more viewers than others, but regardless, people watching that show will see the commercial.


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