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Increasing Support for the Space Industry

As promised in my last post, Mars Travel is beginning to create material that can be used to market the space industry. One of the ways this will be done is by creating fliers that can be posted anywhere and everywhere. They will likely all be fairly simple, but the goal is just to get people thinking and talking about space. 

If we have any hope of increasing support for the space industry, we have to boost awareness, which will in turn increase interest. Mainstream media is not the answer and I'd venture to say that most readers of space-related websites are already space industry supporters. So how do we get the attention of the rest of the world? Right now, space is out of sight, out of mind for most people. We must make it so that space cannot be ignored.

Imagine walking through a city and seeing a space related flier every couple blocks. Imagine seeing a space flier in the doorway of your favorite local restaurant, or in the waiting room of your local hospital. What if you ordered take-out and there was a cool space fact on the menu? How about if you were driving to work and you heard something fascinating about space on the radio?

People would start talking about space again. People would start getting excited about discovery. That's what we need if we want to increase support for the space industry–interest.
You and I can make that happen. We can print off fliers and post them in our surrounding area. Many people already supportive of the space industry work in industries and positions that they can leverage to increase visibility of the space industry. Own a restaurant? Consider adding a space fact on the back of your menu. Work in an office? Why not hang a space photo or poster up? Are you a teacher? Why not share one cool space fact with your class everyday? As the famed Japanese writer Ryƫnosuke Akutagawa so eloquently put it, "Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean." Every individual effort, no matter how seemingly insignificant will compound and together those efforts can bring about a monumental surge in humanity's support for our continued expansion into space.

This blog will post fliers that you can print off and post around town, as well as other marketing material for the space industry. In short, I will do everything I can to help you increase support for the space industry.

Those of us that want to see more space research and exploration in the future can crowdmarket the space industry. And Mars Travel will make it easy by providing the materials and suggestions for use. Please see the Mars Travel Facebook Album for all fliers produced to date.

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